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The site’s not so hidden intention is to lure you into your kitchen, where – by using your cooking skills – you can surprise your loved ones with delicious pastries and cakes. After all, everyone knows that homemade food is the best and store bought desserts can’t compete with them. If you don’t use the pan as often, don’t worry: even a beginner can make excellent desserts.

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After all, when it comes to baking skills, it’s not only the number of cookbooks and the amount of time spent in the kitchen that counts, but also the love for food and, most of all, the love for people. With a good meal, you can give a pleasant surprise and pleasure. The smell alone will attract your nosy friends, significant other, children and parents as well.

Food is not only for satisfying needs, but also for sharing experiences and moments, because baking and dining together brings warmth and intimacy to everyday life.

Sign of Illés Gergely K2 Cake Page. If you want to surprise your family and friends with small sweets, feel free to try K2 cake icing during baking. You can serve colorful, exciting desserts on the dining table, with a little extra help from K2, so you can prepare your pastries more easily and tastefully.


2013-11-22 • K2 torta csata - 2013

2011-ben született ötletből, a tavalyi siker után, idén is megrendezték a Tortacsatát a Szeged Plázában.Haluska Andrea, szeged tortakirálynője, ötletg...